The Salty Mermaid Solid Conditioner Bar | For Gorgeous Beachy Volume & Shine | Professionally Formulated | Tropical Seaside Air Aroma | Color Safe | Naturally Preserved | Vegan | Choose Pack Size

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Brand New Release!

Etsy Has Given Our Bars Their Best Seller Badges, Numerous Times!

ZERO Waste & Eco-Friendly Packaging
Worth up to 5 Bottles of Standard Conditioner!

An Exquisitely Infused Conditioner Bar to Yield a Gorgeous Beachy Mane Full of Volume & Shine! Professionally Formulated with Rich Oganic Virgin Coconut Oil, Mineral Dense Algae and Lustrous Pearl for an Amazing Hair Care Experience fit for a True Mermaid!

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  • Made with Certified Organic Moisturizing Virgin Coconut Oil, Mineral Rich Algae and Lustrous Pearl for Incredible Volume, Structure, Texture, and Shine!
  • Custom Scented in a Gorgeous Tropical Seaside Aroma Where You Smell the Clean Ozone Breeze, Floating Driftwood, and Island Coconut & Tangy Lime in the Distance ...a Vacation Destination Each Time You Condition!
  • This Unique Blend was Designed to Provide Gorgeous Beachy Volume and Shine, While Leaving You with Soft, Shiny, Manageable (and AMAZINGLY Smelling) Hair!
  • Naturally Colored with Amino Acid Rich Blue Spirulina!
  • Enhanced with Vitamin B5 and Rice Protein Which Smooths the Hair Cuticle and Boosts Volume, Providing You With Incredibly Silky Soft Shiny Tangle Free Hair That is Easy to Brush Through!
  • Professionally Designed Gentle Formula That is Great for All Hair Types, Especially Oily Prone.
  • Works Beautifully in Both Hard or Soft Water
  • Color Safe 
  • Naturally Preserved
  • Made in Small Batches for Freshness & Quality
  • Best Results When Used Along With Our Matching Shampoo Bar
  • Travel/TSA Friendly
  • Help us Reduce the Amount of Plastic in Our Eco-System! Depending on Size Ordered, it Saves up to 5 Plastic Bottles from Ending up as Waste!

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What is it Made Without? It's Free of:


Animal Fats (Vegan Friendly)
Chemical Preservatives & Parabens
Wheat and Dairy Ingredients




How is it Packaged?

ZERO Waste & Eco-Friendly! It's Wrapped in Tissue Paper and Placed in a Small Kraft Paper Box with Crinkle Paper, Ready for You to Indulge in, or to Give as a Thoughtful Gift!



To Use

Fully Wet Hair and Glide the Conditioner Bar From Roots to Tips 4-5 Times, or as Needed (Don't Use too Much, a Little Goes a Long Way). Massage in/Finger Comb if Desired, Then Rinse.

(Tip for Long Hair: After Applying Some Conditioner to the Crown Area, Tilt Your Head Under the Shower for a Second to Allow the Water to Help Disperse the Conditioner Through Your Hair Quickly, Then Finish Adding the Rest Needed Down Your Strands and do a Final Rinse)



Do Not Let Your Conditioner Bar Sit in Water, or Where Water May Hit it in the Shower; It Will Get Mushy if it is Used This Way. The Bar Must be Allowed to Dry in Between Uses so That You Can Get the Most Life Out of it. Proper Storage is Key. It's Best to Place it in on a Dedicated Slotted Soap Dish or in a Conditioner Bar Holder in Between Use.

(Easy Peasy Storage Tip: If Using a Metal Storage Tin for Storing Your Bar, Gently Blot it Dry Prior to Placing it in the Container. If it Happens to Dry to the Container, Simply Hard Tap it on Your Palm and it Should Knock Loose)