Divine Youth Solid Serum Eye Wrinkle Stick | Natural Skincare | 1% Organic Coffee Fruit | Anti Aging Formula | Organic

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My Best Selling, EXTREMELY Unique, Custom Designed "Divine Youth" 100% Natural Coffee Berry Fruit Extract Rich Anti Aging Eye Wrinkle Stick......which is MULTI Purpose - it can DOUBLE AS A POTENT Anti Aging Lip Balm!!

I have spent literally hours on end infusing each of the included spectacular herbs and extracts, putting them all into one powerhouse, super unique to the market product! You won't find anything like this ANYWHERE!

⭐ Containing an outstanding amount of 1% Organic Coffee Fruit Extract, and blended with more of the most saught after anti oxidant rich extracts, oils, and butters known to slow the signs of aging, plump up fine lines, repair, replenish, and restore skin tone and elasticity while naturally stimulating collagen production! This custom blend I've created is VERY UNIQUE in the market, which is flooded by chemically laden products!

Every carefully selected premium ingredient in this EXTREMELY CONCENTRATED Eye Stick is 100% Natural, No fillers, No Parabens, No Artificial Preservatives, NOTHING Synthetic!

⭐ PLUS... There is nothing more convenient than to be able to take your skin care regimen with you where ever you go; No Mess, No Fuss, Just Easy On the Go Application whenever you desire!, you can just toss it in your bag and you're off!

If the skin around your eyes become drab throughout the day, and fine lines are starting to show through your makeup, or your skin just needs a major boost of the highest known, concentrated, rich antioxidants in the world to help ward off environmental stress factors which effect aging the skin, then just lightly dab or swipe this handy & compact 'On the Go' Beauty Regimen and massage in a light, circular upward motion. The delicate skin around your eyes will become refreshed, hydrated, supple, and have a beautiful radiant glow!


⭐ Just SOME of the amazing ingredients I've included (AND infused), are:

Oganic Russian Seabuckthorn oil,
Organic Argan oil,
Olive Squalane,
Pomegranate Seed oil,
Organic Wildcrafted Cupuacu Butter,
Organic Wildcrafted Tamanu Oil,
Hyaluronic Acid (Botanical Source),
Organic Green Matcha,
Organic Wildcrafted Camu Camu Fruit Extract (highest pure & natural Vitamin C source known - NO synthetic ascorbic acid version here!!),
Red & Black Raspberry Extract,
Lingonberry Extract,
Chokecherry Extract,
Pure Orchid Extract (Cymbidium Grandiflorum)
Therapeutic Grade Essentials of Organic Helichrysum Italicum, Neroli,....

...and the long list goes on...and on!!


⭐ This custom blend I've created is VERY UNIQUE in the market, which is flooded by chemically laden products! Every carefully selected premium ingredient in this product is:

100% Natural,
Highly Concentrated,
Herb / Extract Infused,
Non-Comedogenic (Won't clog pores)
Soy Free,
Gluten Free,
Dairy Free,
Paraben Free
Petroluem Free (NO Yucky Mineral Oil)
Chemical Free
Preservative Free
Alcohol Free,
Synthetic Free,
Silicone Free.

Just 100% Natural, Outstanding ingredients fully researched and custom formulated to create this phenominal skin care blend!

⭐ I protect my formulations and each are mine in their entirety; I research and custom formulate each one on my own, from scratch, so if you'd like the complete ingedient list, please convo me and I'll be happy to email it to you.


Listing is for a Long Lasting .15 oz tube
A little will go a LONG way!!

⭐ Price subject to change without notice



***********JUST got an OUTSTANDING Testimonial on my 2 NEW 100% Natural Anti Aging Serums; "Envious Beauty" 3% Organic Green Coffee Bean Extract Blend, and "Divine Youth" 1% Organic Coffea Arabica Fruit Extract Blend...here is what she said (she used BOTH daily; in the sample size, for ONLY about a week!! :)) ************************************8

"I am just astounded at how firm and smooth and soft my skin feels. I know I am years away from actual "aging" (I'm only a few months older than you and you look fabulously young!) but I really do look at myself in the mirror and think, "Wow, I look like I'm 21 again, is that even possible?!" You know how when you are in your very early 20s and your face has that soft, sweet, rounded youthful look? It's not just expression and skin, it's the whole thing. That's how I look. I look 21 again. I look 12 years younger. And this is combining the two serums on a daily basis for... what, a week? That's how long the samples lasted, I believe. This is unreal, Rochelle. I mean, really. I bow before you. You are truly the Queen of Anti-Aging Skin Care!"
~Joanna C.


😍 CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL JUST IN: (This customer purchased BOTH creme & lotion versions)
"O.M.G. The Divine Youth Cream and Lotion? SPECTACULAR. WOW. My skin loves the cream so much. Just minutes after I applied the cream to my face, neck, chest, and hands, my skin appeared softer, smoother, brighter, and more even. It's pretty incredible. I know I said that the Everlasting Superberry cream was the best lotion ever, but the Divine Youth is neck and neck with the Everlasting. I feel like this is a true anti-aging product, like it will honestly help maintain youthful skin without false promises. There has been plenty of science to back up the antioxidant effects of all the ingredients, especially coffea arabica fruit extract and resveratrol and sea buckthorn. So really, your Divine Youth is kind of backed by science! It is definitely backed by me and my skin. And I'll be back for more. ;)"
~Joanna C.


Product listing description is for informational purposes only, and is not evaluated or approved by the FDA. Not intended to be used other than for stated purpose. Not intended to treat, cure, prevent any disease, or illness. This is All Natural with therapeutic grade pure and undiluted essential oils, so please check with your health care provider prior to beginning this or any other natural product, to verify that it may not interfere with any medications, conditions, or otherwise.

Do Not Ingest! Even though this product is All Natural, you should NEVER ingest these mixed ingredients or essential oils, they are for EXTERNAL use ONLY!

Keep out of reach of children & pets


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Lucia L
Still waiting for my order. Then I'll upda...

Still waiting for my order. Then I'll update
Update: today i have received it. Looking forward to using it. Then I'll update again.

Rachel G
Every time I use it, I'm more pleased by t...

Every time I use it, I'm more pleased by the results.

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