Oatmeal Milk n Honey | Natural Artisan Soap Bar | Manuka Honey | Gentle for all Skin Types | Gluten Free | Gift | Baby | 5 oz

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😍 Oatmeal Milk n Honey | Natural Artisan Soap Bar | Vegan | Manuka Honey | Gentle for all Skin Types | Gluten Free | Gift | Baby | 5 oz

⭐Get GORGEOUS Silky Clean Skin with these Long Lasting Soap Bars Weighing in at approx 5+ oz Each!

Made with my Special Blend of Rich Skin-Loving Organic Shea Butter Right from Ghana, Plant Oils to Leave You Soft Smooth and Happy, Vitamin and Mineral Rich Certified Organic Coconut Milk for a Creamy Silky Lather, Certified Gluten Free Oats for Ultra Smooth Skin and Incredible 80+ Certified Manuka Honey Right from New Zealand for Intense Skin Nourishment! This is One of Our Favorites!

😍 Perfect for those with Sensitive Skin, and for Natural Baby Care!

✔ Each bar is hand cut and no 2 bars will be the same, which is the beautiful nature of handmade.

✔ Make sure not to leave your soap bar in standing water. Please prolong its life by keeping it dry in between uses.

⭐Size: Approximately 5(+) oz each. A chunky sized long lasting soap bar.
✔ Approx 1" Thick, 3.5" Wide, 2.5" Tall
✔ Price is per Bar
✔ A Gorgeously Clean, Fresh and Soft Aroma of Oatmeal Milk & Honey
✔ Contains Coconut (Oil & Milk added to soap)
✔ Contains New Zealand Manuka Honey

⭐ Paraben Free, SLS Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, and Cruelty Free!

⭐These handmade, natural soap bars are ultra skin nourishing with many skin loving, moisturizing oils, Coconut Milk and Manuka Honey for helping to keep your skin youthful and glowing, and ground (and whole, on top) Certified Gluten Free Oats for skin smoothing, softening and exfoliation.

⭐Handmade in Munith, MI

⭐*Please note: Each small batch is handmade and cut by me. Variations in each bar are normal; they are the natural charm of handmade!


⭐No Lards, NO SOY, and NO animal oils used!

✔ If you'd like the full ingredient list of this soap bar batch, please convo me and I'll be happy to supply that to you :)


Product listing description is for informational purposes only, and not meant to replace a doctor's advise or recommendation. Product not evaluated or approved by the FDA. Not intended to be used other than for stated purpose. Not intended to treat, cure, prevent any disease, or illness. This is Natural Soap, which may contain Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, so please check with your health care provider prior to beginning this or any other natural product, to verify that it may not interfere with any medications, conditions, pregnancy, nursing, or otherwise. If any irritation develops, discontinue use. Earths Own Bath and Body. LLC is not held liable for any products misuse.

Do Not Ingest! they are for EXTERNAL use ONLY!

Keep out of reach of small children & pets


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