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Growing an Epic Beard can be a Daunting Task, but No Longer! With Help From This Professionally Formulated Infused Beard Oil, You Get The BEST Beard Treatment on the Market That Gives You a Deeply Conditioned, Fuller, Thicker and Stronger Beard! 

You Can Bet That You Won't Find Anything Else Like This, Anywhere! 

◾ Best Selling Formula for Over 8 Years!
◾ 100% Pure, Natural & Vegan
◾ Ultra Concentrated and Long Lasting!
◾ Gently Infused with 19 Ancient Botanicals, Superfoods & Super Fruits to Make for Awesome Beard Growth Stimulation!
◾ Conditions and Soothes the Skin to Reduce Beard Itch 
◾ This Oil Pulls DOUBLE DUTY; It Can Even be used as a Stimulating Scalp Massage Oil to Aid in Hair Growth!

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Fair Trade Moringa Oleifera Oil -
Is the Most Nutrient Dense Tree on Earth and Provides Every Vitamin and Mineral Needed for Healthy Skin & Hair. Specifically for Beards, it Deeply Moisturizes, Which in turn Softens the Beard and Prevents What is Known as "Beardruff".

Fair Trade Unrefined Tamanu Oil -
Seals the Hair Cuticle to Retain Moisture and Restores Ultimate Shine to Your Beard

Russian Seabuckthorn Oil -
Is Rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9. Promotes Strong Shiny Hair & Incredible Growth

Evening Primrose Oil -
Stimulates Hair Growth and Proven to Reduce Hair Loss, Thinning and Breakage

Argan Oil -
Is an Immense Hair Follicle Moisturizer Which Helps Keep Your Beard Healthy, Strong and Vibrant

Virgin Canadian Hemp Seed Oil - (NOT a CBD Source)
Is a Wonderworking Oil for Overall Skin and Hair Health. Specifically for Beards, it is Ultra Fast Absorbing to the Skin and Non Greasy. Due to this, it Promotes Early and Faster Growth Especially in Instances of Patchy Beard Issues.  

Flaxseed Oil -
Richly Improves the Texture of the Hair for a Soft, Smooth, Shiny and Healthy Beard

Jojoba -
Is Technically a Liquid Wax. It Promotes Beard Growth and Reduces The Build up of Sebum on the Skin Which Can Block Hair Follicles and Lead to Patchy Beard Issues. This "Oil" is a Game Changer to a Formula, as it Keeps Your Follicles Clear so You Can Grow the Epic Beard You Desire!


Packaged in a 1 fl oz (30mL) Amber Glass Bottle with Convenient Treatment Pump (As Shown in Picture) Which Protects the Serum from UV Light Exposure and Preserves the Ingredients Integrity, Then Placed into its Product Box. 

Shake Bottle Well and Dispense 1 Pump (equivalent to 3-5 Drops) of Oil onto Fingertips and Then Massage into Skin and Beard. You May Like to Use a Beard Comb After Applying the Oil So That it's Evenly Distributed. This is a Long Lasting Concentrate and Each 1 oz Bottle Contains Approximately 600 Drops, so Depending on Beard Length, This Size Should Last You 2-3 Months with Daily Use.

INGREDIENTS (Product is Organic & Vegan)
Olive Oil, *Virgin Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, *Moringa Oleifera Oil, *Evening Primrose Oil, *Flaxseed Oil, *Jojoba Oil, *Seabuckthorn Seed Oil, *Argan Oil, *Hemp Seed Oil, Castor Oil, *Avocado, *Tamanu Oil, Caprylic Capric Triglycerides, Alkyl Esters,*Alfalfa, *Moringa Oleifera Leaf Extract, *Burdock Root, Fenugreek Seed, *Comfrey Root, *Fo-Ti Extract,*Horsetail Extract, *Bladderwrack Seaweed, *Dulse Red Seaweed, *Ginko Biloba, *Chamomile Extract, *Elderberry Fruit Extract, *Hibiscus Flower Extract, Nettle, Panax Ginseng, MSM, Biotin, *Bamboo Extract, Green Tea Extract, *Clary Sage Essential Oil, *Peppermint Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, *French Lavender Essential Oil, and Carrot Seed Essential Oil.
*Certified Organic Unrefined

Each Product is Professionally Designed, Handcrafted and Carefully Packaged with Love and Care Right in Michigan!


Product listing description is for informational purposes only, and not meant to replace a doctor's advise or recommendation. Product not evaluated or approved by the FDA. Not intended to be used other than for stated purpose. Not intended to treat, cure, prevent any disease, or illness. This is 100% Natural with therapeutic grade pure and undiluted essential oils, so please check with your health care provider prior to beginning this or any other natural product, to verify that it may not interfere with any medications, conditions, pregnancy, nursing, or otherwise.

Do Not Ingest! Even though this product is 100% natural, you should NEVER ingest these mixed ingredients or essential oils, they are for EXTERNAL use ONLY!

Keep out of reach of children & pets


**ALL photos, product descriptions, and formulas are the sole property of Earth's Own Bath & Body, they may not be copied or duplicated without the direct written consent of the Owner/Designer**

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Elena E
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Yana R
So far I've used it like 3 times as an ove...

So far I've used it like 3 times as an overnight treatment and for my hair ends, but for sure just a few drops help to detangle my hair and make it smooth, shiny and bouncy :) I can't say yet for hair regrowth effect, but my hair definitely loves it!

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